I have been on a buying spree lately. I purchased a new Digital Delay Mega 350 Delay Box to replace my 20 year old Digital Delay CTC delay box. I also replaced my M/T slicks and the front Koni adjustable shocks. We are trying to keep the front end on the ground, or at least no more than a few inches up in the air on launch. We will be making wheelie bar adjustments too.

Only a few days of testing left before Nitro Jam. I have not made up my mind about the March 6-8 Super Brawl. Probably not going to make that one.

No Problem Raceway – Photos From OKC Street Outlaws – Feb. 15, 2015

No Problem Big $$$$ Race – Sunday, Feb 8, 2015 – (A Few Photos)

Superbowl: Great Game, Bad Play Call! Pats – 28, Seahawks – 24.

IHRA Has Announced Mardi Gras Nationals Nitro Jam Will Return To State Capitol Raceway on March 13, 14 & 15, 2015.

These dates were scheduled for the San Antonio, TX Nitro Jam, but due to problems and uncertainty, IHRA made the decision to move the event to State Capitol Raceway.

The second part of the announcement was concerning event classes. Bracket Racing will be conducted as a part of this Nitro Jam! See http://ihra.com for more details.

IHRA sent out an email to all members dated Jan. 28, 2015 that gives a lot more detail than I mention here.

Our sympathy goes out to James Allen on the loss of his sister on Jan. 24th, in California. Our prayers go with James as he travels to the service.
Mr. Skip & Barbara Holbert

Our Sympathy Goes Out To The Robinson Family

Gaile Robinson, wife of Charlie Robinson and mother of David and Clay Robinson, passed away today, Jan. 15, 2015, of a heart attack. Our prayers are with the family.
Mr. Skip & Barbara Holbert

The Car Is Still On The Jackstands!

I don’t know when the car will come down, it is completely ready to go, since October. To tell the truth, I don’t really feel like racing right now. I guess at 76 years old, it has started to set in that I am not having as much fun as I once did when I was driving. I suppose I will get use to watching the car go down the track, but right now, it is hard.

Outlaw has turned into a good driver and I trust him with all that is mine on the track and in the pits. As far as I can see, there is no other driver in my future.

When Outlaw gets his truck up and running, the Mr. Skip Camaro will be put back on the jackstands (except for the Father’s Day Race). We will show up for Father’s Day!


I have a new Nikon D-7100 camera and it is great! This year I expect to get some awesome shots at the track and on vacation.

The camera has a great Autofocus Telephoto lens and can shoot several frames per second (6) to get some great action shots. The focus system is much better than me trying to get the same results manually. It is super quick, with almost no warm-up time from off to the 1st shot. It will do so many things (almost like a Smartphone) that I will never use all the features. I can customize it to have the features I do use quickly available.

I have wanted to own this camera for a few years, back when it was the D-7000. I waited and waited until they put it on sale just before Christmas. This usually means that a new, improved, version is about to be released. If that new version is better than this one, I really don’t need it. Nikon does make some much more expensive, much better cameras, and when I hit the lottery, I may get one, but right now my D-7100 is all I want.

I was walking around the track in November last year and stopped to say hello to Earl Folse. I did not have my camera. Earl said, “Skip, I almost didn’t know you without the camera”!

My oldest daughter, Cynthia, is a photographer. She loves Sony products. She just purchased a new hi-tech Sony mirrowless DSLR camera and she is convinced it is the best camera on the market. We have this friendly competition that neither of us can win. She does Landscapes and Weddings, I do Cars. There is nothing to compare.