Kevin “Outlaw” Gray won, driving his truck, in Super Pro class at State Capitol Raceway on Friday. Congratulations Kevin!
Feb. 23, 2014

PHOTOS From SCR Sat. Feb. 15, 2014 Opening

Photos From SCR Sun. Feb. 16, 2014

James Richardson, Charter Member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, died on Wednesday, February 12th in Baton Rouge

After a long illness, James was taken to the hospital Thursday, where he passed away. Arrangements: Funeral will be held at, Greater Oak Grove B. C., 23595 Plank Rd. Zachary, LA, 70791, Sat. Feb. 22, 2014 at 11:00am. (225) 654-9639

James was one of the original 9 members of Bracket Masters Racing Team.

Mild mannered, soft spoken and always willing to help a friend or fix a bicycle for a neighborhood child, James was a person that you could depend on when you needed help. His workmanship was excellent and he could always be depended on to make it look better and work better than anyone else could. James could look at a problem, think about it for a few seconds and come up with a fix that no one else had thought of, and it always worked! His attention to detail was without question better than most racers. His vehicles showed how much he cared about beauty and detail.

James will be missed by his family, teammates and friends.