I have been actively participating in drag racing for over 50 years! Starting in 1963 when I attended my first drag race, and in 1964 when I worked in the pit crew for a friend on a Ford Fairlane Hi-Performance 289, it has been a lot of very good times.

My first time actually driving was in Pocatello, Idaho in 1967. I drove a 1961 Studebaker Lark, V* with 4.11:1, and overdrive to victory in L/stock class. My first trophy!

As the year goes on, I will share some of the good time with everyone. This is a very good year to retire from driving. I will probably drive in the Father’s Day race and any of the Ironman races this year that are near here, but that will be it for me after 2014.

Status of the Car

Everything but the driver side header is off of the engine and I am almost ready to pull the engine out to make repairs to the oil pan and change the flywheel. The starter is draging and acting up in one spot and now is a good time to fix that potential problem.

Computer Problems

For the second time in less than a year I have had to have the hard-drive replaced in my Dell Computer. It is under warranty but the hassle of transferring all that data from a storage device (or s”The Cloud”) is a real pain. The problem occurred over two weeks ago and Dell decided to replace the hard-drive. Then another problem occurred which was caused by the technician and it caused me to have to troubleshoot with the service techs. over the phone. We finally got it straight last Sunday and then I embarked on trying too get all of these web sites reloaded onto the computer. I did have a good backup, but moving over 1.6TB of data is a long process. I have move the web sites and have them working again, but many of my programs that do a lot of the grunt work are still not reloaded because they have to be put back on using the disks or downloaded from the web. I will be working to get everything back on track for a few more days.

I am seriously thinking about a Apple Mac computer. Between Windows 8.1, Adobe going over to a monthly fee for web applications and this computer failing so much, that seems like the way to go in the future.