We took the car to SCR for their Twin $5K race on Saturday, March 1, 2014. I paid for the two days in Top Doorslammer, which only pays $1K to win, but if you lose in the 1st round, you can buy into Super Pro. In Top, you only have to make 5 passes, or less, to win the money (32 car field).

I came off the trailer with a qualifying 5.785 @ 118 MPH. I was super happy because this run was made in the heat of the day, around 75F. I backed that up with a 5.745 @ 118 MPH. In the first round I got paired with a little Pinto , running 5.48 and I dialed in 5.73. I ran 5.732, with a .027 RT and took the win light!

The rest of the night was downhill from there. I had told myself to make sure I checked the oil pan after a couple of runs. We checked it just before being called for 2nd round and found oil in the diaper. What a letdown. We thought about running but I thought about some of the other wrecks that I had seen in the past few weeks and decided not to run. I went over the the car that I had been paired with and told him he could make a single pass. We could have staged and hoped for a red light or some other problem to give me a win, but I was not feeling too good about that leak.

All in all, I was very happy with the way the engine preformed and my driving. I guess that industrial strength, high dollar metal repair was not the answer. This week I will start to remove the engine so the oil pan can be fixed properly.

Mr. Skip Camaro For Sale! (Trailer & Truck Later)

Before the race on Sat. March 1, 2014, I had talked it over with Barbara and decided to sell the car (1967 Camaro) race-car with 555 BBC engine, enclosed trailer and Ford F-250, 7.3 Diesel, 4-dr truck. I told a few people at the track. The price for the car, turn-key, will be $25,000. Enough has been written about the car on this web site (and it’s still there), for everyone to know everything about the car.

The Camaro is a back-half car that has provision for an 8″ engine set-back, using motor plates. It has a 12-point cage and was certified by NHRA for 8.50 sec. in 2013 (expires in 2016). The cage and chassis is Chrome-Moly from under the driver back to the rear of the car. It has rack-and-pinion steering. The car has No-Mar Lexan on all the windows and doors. The hood and trunk cover are fiber-glass and the rest of the car is steel. The doors have been gutted. The car weighs approximately 2640 lbs. with driver. The car was certifies down to 7.50 in IHRA before it expired in 2013.

It has a Ford 9″ rear end with Richmond Gear 4.56:1 gears in a Strange Center Section. The gear is a regular gear, but the Strange Center will take either a pro gear or regular gear. The car has 4-wheel disk brakes by Wilwood. The car rides on 15s x 32 x 14 M/T Slicks. This is a ladder bar car that goes straight and has 60′ times around 1.289 up to 1.320, and this is according to track conditions or the length of the burn-out. If you keep everything the same, it is consistent.

The car has all MSD and Digital Delay electronics. The wiring is excellent. It has a air shifter with digital controls to set the shift point. It has a new MSD Digital 7-Plus CD ignition with the matching coil. It has a Strod Parachute. It does not have a throttle-stop, but does have a throttle-stop controller. It has a large Auto-Meter replay tach.

The engine is a GM Gen-V 555 BBC with Dart Pro-1 345 heads. The heads were CNC ported in 2010. One head is vintage 1999 and the other one was new in 2009. The engine has Comp Cams Cam, Springs, roller lifters and rockers. Eagle rods and crank with Ross pistons. All of this is fed by a Holley Ultimate 1150 CFM carburetor. Around 850 HP.

The car has a TCI 1.80 straight cut gear with pro-tree valve body. It is in a Deadebear case and tail shaft, which is certified for another 2 years. The car has a custom balanced drive shaft.

The Torque Converter is by Coan Transmissions sprageless, with 5700 stall. The converter is custom built for the combination and works great!

The oil pan is Stefs Aluminum and has a crack that can be welded to repair it (or you can replace it). The pan is custom built, 7Qt., with scraper and windage tray with kick-out and trap doors for oil control.

I call this my Rubber-Band Motor! Best time: 8.93 sec. @ 149 MPH (in excellent weather). Will run 9.10 sec. @ 145 MPH in very hot weather. It will run under 5.81 @ 118 MPH in hot weather in the 1/8th mile.
Price, 1967 Camaro: $25,000.

After Sale of Car, the Trailer & Truck will be sold (3/12/14)

The trailer, 1999 Classic 20 ft., V-nose (2 more feet) with cabinets and some storage bins with 4500 lb. Super-winch and battery will go for $3500. The trailer inside is not that great. It has A/C with heat that works in the Louisiana Summer. In very bad weather, it will leak, a little, through the A/C unit.

The truck is a 2001 Ford F-250, Lariat with fiberglass lockable cover for the bed, 4-dr, leather interior with wood grain and the good Diesel engine, 7.3L Power StrokeĀ® turbo diesel V-8 with only 57,000 miles, $11,500.

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