Month: March 2014

Thanks Kevin, Thanks Miles Collins!

“Outlaw” came over Monday night and inside of one hour 20 min. he had the engine on the engine stand and we had the oil pan off. The inside of the engine looked as good as the day I assembled it back in 2009 (see entry below). We must have done something right! Today, I […]
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Computer Problems Solved, On The Upswing!

The computer has been fixed by Dell, but the information reload it taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. My 5 web sites are up and running but the updates of photos and video is not functioning yet. I still have to reload all of those applications. During this adventure, I have talked with […]
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(Entries From The Past)

Aug. 31, 2009 – My “Upper Room” reading today was, “Looking for Perfection”. This reminded me of what I have been trying to get with my engine, and it reminded me how much perfection does not matter. The reading goes: … Perfection is a noble goal but one which is ultimately unattainable. It’s silly to expect […]
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Celebrating 50 Years of Drag Racing!

I have been actively participating in drag racing for over 50 years! Starting in 1963 when I attended my first drag race, and in 1964 when I worked in the pit crew for a friend on a Ford Fairlane Hi-Performance 289, it has been a lot of very good times. My first time actually driving […]
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Good Day, Bad Day!

We took the car to SCR for their Twin $5K race on Saturday, March 1, 2014. I paid for the two days in Top Doorslammer, which only pays $1K to win, but if you lose in the 1st round, you can buy into Super Pro. In Top, you only have to make 5 passes, or […]
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