Skip’s Daughter Visits!

Mrs. Cynthia Hymon and husband George visited Skip & Barbara over the MLK Holiday. They were on there way to Las Vegas for some fun at the casino’s and to see the sights and shows. They live in Virginia Beach, VA. They are frequent visitors to Baton Rouge and had a list of favorite restaurants to visit while they were here. We had Bar-B-Que from Deep South BBQ, Catfish from Tony’s Seafood, Steak from Outback and a very nice meal from Copeland’s, where everyone got their personal favorite thing from the menu.

They have never been to Las Vegas, but I have been there enough to get a job as a tour guide or to run a Roulette wheel! When I was stationed in San Diego, military could fly over to Las Vegas for $22 round trip on Air West! Maybe that’s why they don’t exist any more… The last time I was there was in June 2001, just after my last retirement (before the world changed).

The one “Must See” I told them about was, “The Fremont St. Experience”. If you go, make sure you take a night trip to the old part of the city and see the light show on Freemon St. It is free! There are many other attractions, in and close to Las Vegas, such as, Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon. These are also in the don’t miss list. You don’t have to gamble in Vegas to have a nice time. Many of the attractions are very reasonable priced, jut to get you there. If you are strong, you can resist the gambling, but I would not bet on it!  PHOTOS