For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to improve my web design and developing skills. Trying to learn HTML5 and CSS3. These are the languages that the computer speaks to make everything look good when viewing web page. If you look at many other sites, you see beautiful pages with lots of designs and good layout. Many have animation. My pages are very static, bland and plain.

As I learn some of the skills that make the pages “pop”, I will implement them. The Bracket Masters site will be the last to change. It is so big it will be hard to work over. At some point, I will completely start all of my sites over using the new methods.

The Car

I have decided to remove the engine from the car and repair the oil pan by getting it welded. While I’m at it, I will do some other things. Right now I am dreaming, but what I want to do is change the cam to take advantage of the flow numbers are available with a little higher lift. I also want to change the intake manifold to try to even out the distribution. I want to follow my good friend, Mr. Van Johnson, and get the Profiler, Sniper BBC intake. Between the cam and the intake, I should be able to squeeze out a few more horsepower. These two changes will cost much less than the big plans that I had been dreaming about (new heads, block, pistons and rods). So much easier on the pocketbook of this old retired person!

Camera Time!

I am in the market for another new camera. The Sony super-zoom that I purchased last year did not fit my needs. I know what the problem was, I expected too much from the camera. My Kodak P712 was a great little camera and did everything great. It was getting old and since Kodak went out of the camera business, there was not a replacement for it from Kodak. I take photos with a very good Nikon D90 in church and at church events. This is an excellent, expensive, DSLR camera, owned by the church. I would love to bring it to the track and try it out, but I would be in deep trouble if anything happened to it. .

Although the Nikon D90 takes excellent photos, the movie part of the camera sucks! The Kodak was much, much better. The Sony does not take as good photos or movies as the Kodak. I am looking at purchasing a new Nikon D5300 DSLR, which just came out in November 2013. It is not as expensive as the D90, but it has about 5 years of technology incorporated, plus almost everything else that the D90 has. If I come into some money, I will get the D7100, the direct replacement (upgrade) for the D90. (I could take some of the money I save on the engine and put it on a better camera and assessors!)