Eddie Lee White, a member of Bracket Masters Racing Team and a Board of Directors member, passed away, March 9, 2013. He was a resident of La Place, LA. Our condolences go out to Mrs. Ann White, his wife, and family.

I cleaned the car, polished the wheels, changed the oil and filter to be ready for this coming weekend. Earlier this week, I changed to a new set of NGK-7 spark plugs. They are all indexed and when I started it up, to warm up for the valve check, it sounded very responsive.

Those old plugs had been in there since November 2011. In the old days, back in the 60’s when we ran points, I use to change plugs about every 6-8 weeks. That was before MSD and Capacitive Discharge Ignitions. Now I just re-gap them about every 3-4 months and put them back in. When I do change, I don’t notice any change in my times. Not like in the old days, a new set of plugs would make the car noticeably quicker. We were also dealing with Points back then and that made a lot of difference. Now I have a Crank Trigger and I only check the timing just to see that it is still where I put it, months ago. Technology, isn’t it great! I know many of you will not agree with my methods, but it works for me.

I will not be able to race on Saturday due to the funeral of Mr. Eddie Lee White, a member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, and a friend.

I also checked the setting of all of my valves. Only three were a little off. Number 3 intake and both valves on #8 cylinder. They were only off .002 – .004 each.

All I have left now is to load up, which I will do on Saturday afternoon. I really hate to miss the Top Doorslammer race on Saturday. This is probably the last time my car would be quick enough to run in the class. During the Summer it normally slows down due to the heat and it does not run under the required 5.79 until the Sun goes down.

Kevin “Outlaw” Gray will have his S-10 Truck back on the track this Friday for testing his rebuilt engine. I will be at the track to support him and help with the tuning. I expect some good times out of the truck after we get everything sorted out.