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Jet Change

After reading my spark plugs, I decided to lean out the engine by moving from 89 jets too 87 jets. I will be listening for indications of the too lean condition and I will pull a couple of plugs at the top end the next time I make a full 1/4 mile pass in time trials. The time slip should help also.

I just read the R-M article in DRM this last issue. They don’t support changing jets from season to season (cool weather to hot weather). For once, I don’t agree with the experts. I do agree that you can settle on one set of jets that allow you to run without detonation in both hot and cool weather, but then you should use a weather station to predict what the car will run. Consistancy is the name of the game in Bracket Racing. If you are like me, and need to run as quick as I can to qualify in my class (Top Doorslammer), I need all the help I can get!

Photos From This Past Weekend