I attending the race at State Capitol Raceway yesterday and really enjoyed seeing the Pro-Mods running. The concept was very good, to have only 4-5 very fast classes and put on a good show, which they did, but the flow of the show was horrible.

There was too much time between rounds and for a lot of that time, there was nobody in the staging lanes. I can understand giving time to cool down and to make repairs (Pro-Mods), but this was way too much time. Most of the spectators left before the third round. Some of those fans may not come back. This is just my personal opinion. If I had been running a car, I would still feel the same way.

Exhibitions cost money, but something should be done to keep the interest of the spectators. As much as I hate watching the Index classes, I guess they serve a purpose (but not at this type of event). Some Super-Pro or Quick-16 would have been a good fill-in for the time we spent watching nothing going on on the track. In fact, I think Q-16 would be a good fit for this type of event.