I looked at the points standings in SCR’s Top Doorslammer class and I am #17 of 35 Top Doorslammer racers. If I had participated in the first and last races. I would have had at least forty more points and I would have been much higher. I will try not to miss any more races and get myself into the top 10. That is my goal for 2013. Since I have already missed two of the 12 scheduled for 2013, I think that is a good goal. You can only count 10 races.

Hot Weather Racing

SCR is shutting down the points racing during the hot months of June, July and August. That will help me a lot. My car does not like those hot months any way. The only scheduled race on a Saturday is the Bracket Masters Father’s Day Race on Saturday, June 15, 2013. That is not a points race, but as always, that race is a lot of fun!


This will be our chance to see some of the top sportsman NHRA racers in the nation. The usually put on a good show. Some of our local racers usually do well in that event. It looks like the weather will clear up for the event. With the NHRA officials overseeing the track prep, it should be a good event.

Good Italian Food

First of all, the food was Super Good!. I decided to take Barbara to a place where we had never dined in Baton Rouge. This was last Wednesday night. I decided on Ruffino’s Steak, Seafood & Italian Restaurant over on Highland Rd.

We were blown away by the elegance of the place. Before we got to the door, we could tell this was not going to be our normal monthly night out.

This restaurant was originally opened by LSU coach, Gerry DiNardo (LSU – 1995 – 1999) and was sold to the present owner, Mr. Ruffin Rodrigue, when coach DiNardo left the school after the 1999 season. I seem to remember coach DiNardo saying that Baton Rouge did not have a real, upscale Italian Restaurant and he wanted to fill that void.

Did I say that the food was Super? Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves. We hardly ever have a “Doggie Bag”, but both of us had enough left of our meals to have the leftovers for dinner on Thursday evening.

Barbara had Spaghetti and Meatballs. I had their Lasagna. The Lasagna had a red sauce, that I had never had, spread around the outside of this huge conjugation of meats, sauces, cheeses and pasta. Now I have had Lasagna in a few places around the world, including Rome, Italy, but this was the best I had ever tasted. Barbara was equally impressed with her dish.

We cannot wait until the next time we are in the mood for Italian food. Move over Olive Garden, Skip & Barbara have a new place to get our Italian craven taken care of.