Luck Of The Draw – You Tube Video – March 17, 2013
Skip, Shannun & Kevin

Starter Repaired

Yesterday I repaired my starter solenoid and inspected the starter drive and the flywheel. Everything is in good shape. I went to O’Reilly Auto Parts and purchased a “Lifetime Warranty” (which translates too, costs more money) solenoid. The new solenoid had different mounting and wire post positions, but I made it work. I mounted it on a cage bar. Since the mounting plate is a part of the ground circuit, I had to scrape some of the paint off the bar. To be safe, and insure a good ground connection, I ran a wire from my ground buss to the mounting plate for the solenoid. All is well in the electrical world of “Mr. Skip”.

Good Product

Let me take this moment to tell you about an excellent product. The Phoenix Flexplate (SFI Approved). This flexplate is a super product. I have been using them since 1999 on my BBC. The only time I change them is when the SFI certification expires. This is also the result of lining up the components correctly when I install the starter and flexplate.

Nitro Jam Trip

I am thinking about attending the Nitro Jam in San Antonio, TX the first week in April (5th – 6th). I have never been there. We do have some friends over there and I hear the track is great. There is suppose to be a lot to see and do over there also. Lots of time to think about it and I have to check with Crew Chief, Mrs. Barbara. They have a bracket event incorporated where I would feel very comfortable running.