Congratulations to the members of Drag Race Co-Op LTD. on the great race they put on this past Sunday at SCR. For a first try, they did very well. I am sure they will get their procedure down pat for coming events of that type. I did not hear any complaints by the time I left after the 4th round. There were lots of members helping out to keep things moving and vi sable to help racers and spectators. Good job Drag Race Co-Op LTD!

I was told there were 29 cars in the Luck of the Draw event. That is more than they had for the first few Top Doorslammer’s events. I think, now that people see how it worked, more will sign up to be a part of the action.

I want to thank Mr. Donald Knox for helping me with a little problem that I had with my starter solenoid. It would not disengage after starting the engine, and I could not turn it off from inside the car. Thank God for Emergency Shut Off Switches! I need a new solenoid. which should be installed today. I already checked the switch, push button and the wires around the starter. I must check the flywheel and starter to make sure they did not get damaged.

I did not do well in the Luck of the Draw race. I had two time trials, one of which was just awful, from the burn-out, to staging, where I turned out the top bulb, and through the run. Everything was just awful. The second time trial was just a little better, but not much. I lost in the first round, where I broke out by .001, 5.789 on a 5.79 dial-in against the Nova of Charles Laurent, Jr. I bought back and had a big red light against the Red Hot Dragster of Scott Marcotte. Congratulations to both of those drivers.

When I was ready to put the car in the trailer was when I had the starter problem. I would not have made the next round any way.

One good thing that happened, I ran under the magic time of 5.79 in 76 degree heat. Maybe I can find a few more horses, or tweek something to make it stay there in 80 degree temperatures. I know there is no way in the 90’s.

PHOTOS From Luck Of The Draw Race

Mrs. Barbara took the majority of the photos from the stands. The new camera does a good job. She did some movies too, which I will post much later (mostly of me and Kevin).