After thinking long and hard, Barbara talked me into racing again on Sunday. The weather was just perfect. The wind was gone and the temp. was great.

We got one time trial and we were ready for the first round of Top Doorslammer. I qualified with a 5.725 @ 119.06 MPH. In round one I cut the tree down with a triple zero Reaction Time and ran a 5.723 on a 5.72 dial-in! Saturday night I had run back to back RT of, .035 sec.. So I took .035 out of the box to start the day.

The car was running, and reacting, just as it had on Saturday. All we did was let air out of the tires, back down to 8.5 PSI, and filled the gas tank with Sunoco 112 Blue. We were still running the BG 1090, with 89 square jets. We are leaving at 3800 RPM and shifting at 6800 RPM. This seems to be about the best combination for this engine, dating back to January 2010. The only difference is, we use to run 42 degrees timing and killed a few starters. Now we are running 36 degrees and the starter has been on there for over two years. We are just 4 or 5 hundredths slower, in the same weather conditions, than we were with the higher timing.

When we got to round two, we were pared with this 4.87 sec Camaro. We had put 5.71 on the window in the pits. By now Kevin had come to the track after attending church. The fast car had lane choice and took the right lane. Kevin said, “You better change that too a zero. I said, “Leave it alone”. We left the line with a .048 light, to his .200 light. When I crossed the line first and my win light did not come on, I knew I had broken out! We ran a 5.708 on our 5.71 dial-in. Kevin was right! All he did was look at me when I got back to the trailer. I was sick! The car was there all weekend. For the three runs, my 60′ times were, 1.284 (time trial), 1.280 (1st round) & 1.279 on that last run.

Now I will do my routine maintenance and get everything cleaned up. It is time for an oil change and I need to check the valves. I’ll wait for the “Luck of the Draw Shootout” on March 17, 2012, at SCR before I run again.