Purchased a new Sony Super zoom HD camera. This one is smaller than the Nikon D90 that I use in church, but it has a lot of features that are not available on the D90. Although the D90 is a DSLR with interchangeable lens, the new Sony camera, with one lens, will reach out even more and will take movies and keep the focus while using the zoom feature. This was my major gripe with the Nikon D90. It took beautiful photos, but the movies were not so good. My old Kodak Super zoom was great with photos, but the quality was not there because it was not full, or even low quality, HD. The new Sony is full HD with excellent quality.

With the three day weekend of racing coming up at SCR, I will have plenty of opportunity to test the new camera.

Racing Weekend

Three days of good (but cold) weather is coming for this racing weekend! I have not had the car at the track since November, and then I only had two runs to check out the launch.

Looking at the flyer, it seems like it will be a couple of very good races.

I plan on driving, while it is cool, because once the weather heats up, I know I will not want to be inside that car.

I would normally skip this Friday, but I need a few good burnouts and launches to break in the new tires for Saturday and Sunday.