I looked at our two local tracks calendar’s to see where I will be racing the next two months. The 1st big day, has already been RESCHEDULED, the “Luck of the Draw” race at State Capitol Raceway will be held on Feb. 24, 2013, due to prediction of a lot of rain this Sunday.

No Problem Raceway will have a Mardi Gras race on Tuesday, Feb. 12th (Mardi Gras day).

The next event will be the opening bracket event at SCR on Sat., Feb. 16th. This will have Q16, Top Doorslammer and all the normal classes. This is the initial 2013 points race.

Feb. 23rd and 24th No Problem Raceway will have their Race #2 & #3 (the season opener got rained out and was reschedule for October 12, 2013). This will be two points races for all of their normal classes.

This if the 1st conflict. The “Luck of the Draw” race was rescheduled to Feb. 24, 2013 at SCR.This race was cancelled, Feb. 20, 2013, due to prediction of 4-5 days of rain and bad weather through the weekend.

March 2nd & 3rd will be a Big Bucks bracket event at State Capitol Raceway that also features the 2nd points event for Q16, Top and all the normal brackets.

The 2nd conflict occurs’s on March 9th when a group from New Orleans will sponsor their initial “Da Invasion of Louisiana” race. This will be a Index Racing and Grudge racing format. The conflict is with the big IHRA event at State Capitol Raceway.

March 8-10, 2013 at State Capitol Raceway –  IHRA Summit Racing Pro-AM Points event. This is one of two chances (locally) that we will get to qualify for the IHRA national year end championship event.

March 16th, at SCR, will be another points event that will have Q16 and Top classes, along with the normal bracket classes.

MARCH 22-24 JEGS Cajun Nationals will take place at No Problem Raceway.

MARCH 30 Super Street Car Shootout 5 will also be at No Problem Raceway.

Looks like we have a full schedule of racing for the start of our racing season.

I did not list the Motorcycle events, Jr. Dragster events and other non-car events at both tracks. NPR has a full sports car schedule that some of you may be interested in (My pastor has a Vett that he runs on the sports car ckt. at NPR).