Kevin, Barbara the car and myself arrived at the track about the same time. Kevin got the car out of the trailer while I went to sign us in. We decided to have Kevin drive for today while Barbara and I took pictures. I also wanted to get a good movie of my right wheelie bar wheel.

Kevin came out of the trailer with a super, 9.132 @ 146 MPH. We were very happy. Everything worked and I got a good look at the wheelie bar wheel. It looked good, the car went straight and the 60′ time was, 1.317 on the worn out tires. Our 2nd run was even better. We had a 9.071 @ 148 MPH, with a 1.298 sec. 60′ time. After that pass we decided to pack up and go home. Nothing else to prove and everything was still working just fine.

All in all, we had a super day at the track. When I got home and put the car in the shop, I removed all 8 spark plugs and checked the gap along with reading how each cylinder was burning. That was a lost cause because all of them looked like they were too rich. I know that’s from driving down the return road and driving the car into the workshop. We will not make any changes for the race on the 10th. We should be just fine, and we will have new tires.

We will have some photos later.

State Capitol’s 1320Go is working as it should now. At the end of last season it was not giving the correct final ET. You can also get 1320Go for No Problem Raceway, IHRA series, NHRA series or any number of tracks in the USA. I love the members section with stats for my car (and other racers, except those that pup N/T on their windows) for the whole year, by date, that I went to the track for time trials or competition.