I put the Camaro in the trailer today after cleaning it up and checking underneath from one end to the other for anything that may be wrong (hose fittings, nuts & bolts on ladder bars, converter bolts and anything else I could see and get a wrench on). I cleaned all the grounds and primary connections to the battery and the main cut-off switch, along with the battery charging posts.

Earlier this week I had to do some troubleshooting on my fan circuit. Reggie Jackson and myself had bypassed the fan switch the last time we ran.

I found the push-in connector, right behind my switch panel, charred and showing signs of drawing too much current. It could have been a loose connection. None of the other components showed any signs of a problem.

The ckt. has a 25A fuse and no relay. I cut out the bad section containing the male and female connectors and replaced them. I tested the ckt. and everything seems to be in good shape. I may lower that fuse to a 15A.

At one point, with my other car, I had one 30A ckt. breaker for both the fan and water pump and never had a problem. I should install relays for both of them. That way I would not have that high current up to the switch panel. The relay would direct that high current from the battery straight too the fan and water pump. I have that arrangement on my fuel pump.

I have a voltmeter on my dashboard that I can switch on and off. With everything running, the fan did not cause any fluctuation in voltage, and by itself, it was no more than I would expect, compared to the other components. I don’t have anything to measure the current in that ckt., DC ammeters are not that common (at least the ones that measure 1- 50 amps DC), and they are a pain to connect and remove in a DC ckt..

I will go to State Capitol Raceway on Sunday, Jan. 29th, to the test & tune and make a few passes. My main concern is the right wheelie bar wheel, where we had to straighten it out. If that is OK, I should be ready for the race on Feb. 10th.

Oh! While I was under the car, I discovered my slicks are worn out! I ordered a new set of Micky’s. The last time I was at the track, I had some of the best 60′ times that I have had…

Mr. Willie Blesses “Trinity”

Trinity is a member of Shiloh Missionary B. C. in Port Allen, LA.. Blind from birth, she is one of the most wonderful children you would ever meet. She sings in the youth choir, speaks very well and loves public speaking, but her specialty is praying.

Last Sunday, Trinity recited the Lord’s Prayer, and at the end, she added, “Dear Lord, please let Pastor Allen have a safe trip home from Washington”! Our pastor had traveled up to D. C. to see the Presidential Inauguration.

Mr. Willie had heard about this amazing little girl and he and his wife, Elois, were about to donate their full size upright piano to another group. They decided to ask Trinity’s parents if she might want to have a piano. Of course the answer was, “Yes”! When Trinity’s grandfather and one helper arrived, they were surprised to see a full size piano, that would require more than the few hands that they had available. Some help was enlisted from the neighborhood, and they got the piano on the truck.

I was told that Trinity’s mom and grandparents had just discussed enrolling her in piano lessons and trying to save up to purchase a piano.

I was told Trinity sat at the piano all of Tuesday afternoon and a good part of yesterday, enjoying her new piano. When Trinity and her grandmother called to thank Mr. Willie, he asked Trinity to pray for him, and she did. Blessings go both ways…