I was happy that President Obama will get to serve a 2nd term. The 1st Lady’s wardrobe was great all day and into the night. Grambling’s band was outstanding. What an honor to be invited.

My pastor, Rev. Raymond E. Allen, Sr. of Shiloh Missionary B. C. in Port Allen, LA and three of our congregation got to travel to Washington, D. C. to witness the ceremony. Port Allen City Councilwoman, Ray Helen Lawrence, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Collins were in attendance. They were a part of history. I just wish my father and mother had been alive to see that great day.

Super Bowl

Well, that just shows how good I am at predicting the NFL. I did not get either team correct!

I have two sons in California that are big time Raiders fans. They are both upset (along with their sons) about the 49’s getting into the big game. I will probably end up pulling for the 49’s anyway (does that mean they will lose?).

I would not be unhappy to see Ray Lewis get another ring, just before retiring. All the Raven’s need is Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) on the sidelines to inspire Michael Oher and Joe Flacco!

Mr. Skip’s Camaro Featured On Drag Race Co-Op Web Site

It’s an honor to be the feature car on the site. I just hope that Kevin and I have another good year in my car, as we did in 2012. We did not break anything! That alone makes us winners and know that we are blessed.

We will get Kevin’s truck back on track shortly. Unlike me, Kevin’s truck did get into the winner’s circle last year. We hope to keep that winning attitude going for 2013.