The Fiscal Cliff might have been avoided, but I feel sorry for the Hurricane Sandy people that were waiting on Congress to do something for them. I lived through Katrina and Gustave, and a few more, but was never cold and wet, with snow. This should be the new Congresses first order of business.

Drag Race Co-Op LLC Organization

A group of men have joined forces to start Drag Race Co-op. They will start out be sponsoring a race at State Capitol Raceway on Feb. 10, 2013. This will serve to introduce the group to the local racing community and to let us know what their purpose and goals will be.

More information is coming in the near future. You can visit their web site at: . See the flyer for the race.

Members of the group are; Willie Beathley, Rickey Collins and Randy Celestine.
Jan. 3, 2013

No Problem Raceway 2013 Schedule

No Problem Raceway will start their season early in January! See their web site for flyers and the schedule.  Lots of racing, including a big Jr. Dragster event.

State Capitol Raceway 2013 Schedule

There is a lot going on at State Capitol Raceway in February! Fast cars and lots of noise! Get those cars ready, the season is starting with a bang! The track will start Sunday Test & Tune on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013. The Feb. 10th Sunday Test & Tune will feature a special race, the Dragrace Coop 1st Annual ” Luck Of The Draw Shootout”. See web site for details:


We are hanging on the edge of the “Fiscal Cliff”, but Congress has until Thursday to pull us back up. Today, I think they will clear the log jam (political grid lock) and get the job done. I think $450K is a good deal (I will never see it, but it’s still a good number to wish for).