Christmas Party!

Barbara and myself were invited to the Annual Bracket Masters Christmas Party & Dinner on Dec. 22, 2012. The dinner was held at Ralph & Kacoo’s in Baton Rouge. Most of the active members were on hand, with their wives or friends. A good time was had by all. The food and service was great!

Two members, “Mr. Willie” and James Richardson could not attend due to health reasons. Willie Davis and Earl Mackey were working and could not attend. Earl’s wife and son were on hand and handed out gifts to each couple present.

Trophies were handed out by, President Tarrus Jones, Sr. and Vice President Johnny Tate, to all members. The trophies were super nice, a piston on a pedestal with the members name.

I completed my shopping this morning. Everyone is taken care of, especially Mrs. Barbara. I hope she likes her gifts. Merry Christmas!