I think many people, including our family, are saving money this year. Since returning from vacation, and while on vacation, I noticed there are very few shoppers in the malls. We have cut back a lot and we think the retailers are going to have a very slim holiday season. One reason may be the early start. Black Friday actually started on Thanksgiving Day in many areas.

Nothing going on with the car. Most of us are down for the Winter. I am going to use this time to tighten up screws and nuts and bolts. During the last trip to the track, a screw fell out of the on-off switch connection for the fan. I suspect the culprit was vibration. I am going to put the car on jackstands and tighten everything on the back end of the car. While I am back there, I will clean my battery and ground connections.

Happy Holidays!

For those of us that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas!