March 5, 2012 – SCR Photos from March 3, 2012.

March 5, 2012 – What a weekend! We actually won two rounds of real racing. First of all, the car was perfect, even when forced to hot lap a couple of times, we never ran more than a .04 spread for the two days of racing and time trials. We had a best 1/8th mile time of, 5.683 up to a 5.720 pass. Most of the passed were 5.68 – 5.70 all day. That was covering 9 runs including qualifying time trials in Top Doorslammer.

We made two changes from last Sunday’s testing: We installed 96 jets, which I think did not help us at all, and after the first pass, we dropped the shift point from 7200, down to 7000 RPM. That adjustment raised the MPH and decreased the ET slightly. We made no other adjustment after the 2nd pass. Just add gas and go! We opened the hood once, after the first round of hot laps to check the overflow reservoir, and there was not a drop of water in it.

We ran Top Doorslammer in the Saturday race, and Super Pro on Sunday’s race. That was a big mistake, as they called the two classes back to back all day Sunday.

Oh! I failed to mention that due to rain and cold on Saturday, SCR decided to call off everything late Saturday and move BOTH races to Sunday!

They called Sunday’s Super Pro, in front of Saturday’s Top Doorslammer, all day on Sunday. The engine temp. never got above 200 degrees all day, and the times only varied .01 between back to back runs.

I was extremely happy with my little engine (that I built myself). Kevin did better this weekend than ever before. I was very pleased with his driving. The car went straight as an arrow on every pass (SCR did an excellent job of preparing the track).

Kevin won the first round of Super Pro and we won the first round of Top Doorslammer. That was more rounds of real competition than we won all last year!

We have isolated one problem. The Trans-brake push button on the steering wheel is not consistent, or as I like to say, not fast-acting enough. We are going to replace it with a switch that is super-quick. That is what I use, which is not steering wheel mounted, when I drive. My personal T-B button is a Radio Shack micro switch that is super quick acting. Kevin like his button on the steering wheel and we will try to find one that is more consistent. (Late 3/5/12 – I ordered a Biondo Racing Quick Acting Micro Switch that is steering wheel mounted. This should solve our problem). All my electronics is Biondo and MSD.

Thanks to Dave Walker, Top Doorslammer driver of the Double-D Electric pick-up. After we explained our hot-lap situation, he got at the back of the line and allowed us cool off before running in the 2nd round of Top Doorslammer (then he put a .006 light on us and sent us home)!

Thanks also go out to Top Doorslammer driver, James Mott, who loaned me his golf cart Sunday afternoon after watching me walk all over the track. That really was great. Thanks James!

Barbara took a lots of photos. They will be posted later.

Robert Sanders escorted two young boys to the track both days as a part of his churches mentoring program. Robert is a Mechanical Engineer for Exxon Corp. in Baton Rouge. The two young boys, cousin’s, are Kaydev Stwent, who in in Kindergarten, and 3rd grader, Leroy Womack. Both boys attend Linear Elementary.

This was the boys 1st trip to the drag strip and they enjoyed everything. They got to see all the Jr. Dragster qualifying runs and the 1st round action on Saturday. They enjoyed themselves so much, Kaydev talked his mother, grandmother and sister into coming out with them on Sunday.