Some rain is forecast for early Saturday, but it is suppose to get through here very early. Gary Carter reports on the SCR Website Forum, as soon as the track can be prepared, we will start racing on Saturday. Sunday looks like a very good day.

Top Doorslammer, Quick-16 and Super Pro over the 1/8th mile. Everyone else will be on the quarter-mile. The cutoff for Top Doorslammer, which is usually 8.99 in the quarter, will be 5.79 in the eighth-mile.

That is real good for us because we (Kevin) has been running 5.70 – 5.73 during our last two trips to the track.

I would like to remind everyone to sign up, in the tower, for the Summit racing series and for the SCR points chase for 2012. There might be some decal requirements too, I don’t know, but check in the tower with Gary.

Leap Day 2012 – Changed the O-ring on the rear end filler cap. Cleaned the inside windows, wiped down the whole car and put some more “Mr. Skip” decals on the car. I also put 96 jets in the BG 1090 carburetor. We are ready!