Now that we have had a lot of rain and wind to test our repairs, we can now complete the replacement of the top liner in the trailer around the A/C unit.

I put a new set of plugs in the engine over the weekend and today I removed the open spacer from under the carburetor, leaving the 4 hole, Super Sucker, in place.

The BG 1090 Carb. has 92 square jets in it now. I will make a couple of runs and then rejet according to our readings. After that, I will change to the Chuck N. 1150 carburetor. It has 92 jets in it now (from the factory). We will determine what is needed after the runs and rejet it to optimize the air & fuel mixture.

Kevin and I have discussed checking a couple of plugs at the end of each pass, before returning to the pits, to determine how the fuel is burning. We also have the EGT indicator connected to #8 cylinder. I have not been real happy with my EGT readings. I do much better reading the plugs.

The State Capitol Raceway schedule is getting real tight, with not much room for rescheduling races that were missed. It will be a very hot Summer…