The State Capitol Raceway Forum has been buzzing about 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile racing. The track has decided to run Super Pro, Q-16 and Top classes (maybe more) over the 1/8 mile during the early part of the season due to the cold weather, according to Track Manager, Gary Carter.

Many of you know my feeling on 1/8 mile racing, which I like! Most racers in this area are die-hard 1/4 mile racers. This is not going to change any time in the near future. Still, I think we should look at the economics of our racing and see the savings of both time and money that 1/8 mile racing brings to both the track operator and to us, the racer.

The last time I helped put on a race at one of our local tracks, back in 2005, VHT was about $475 per barrel. I just found out that it is close to $1000 per barrel now.

We all know how much racing fuel has increased the the past few years. Car counts are down at the tracks due to the economy and other factors.

I use to go to the track on Friday and make 7- 8 passes and then go the next day and make 4 – 10 more passes. I use right at 1gal. of racing fuel per pass. That was a lot of fuel. Now, if I go at all on Friday, it is to make 1-2 passes, but more likely I don’t go at all on Friday and just wait until Sat. and try to get my testing in then. At the Sunday T&T I may make 2-4 passes, at the most. Heaven help if I brake something. It may take months to get back to the track.

I know this little tirade is not going to change one persons mind, but I feel better!