Left Lane   Right Lane
Name Kevin Gray
Car Number 4X4H
0 Q/P 0
0.00 Dial In 0.00
0.000 60′ 1.286
0.000 330′ 3.665
0.000 1/8 5.706
0.000 MPH 120.030
0.000 1000′ 7.481
0.000 1/4 8.999
0.00 MPH 147.71

Yes! Yes! Yes! Our first 8 sec. run of the year!

We had an outstanding day. We made 4 passes. Out of the trailer we had a 9.21 @146 MPH. The next run did not get us a time slip. The 3rd run was 9.06 @ 146 MPH and the one above, 8.999 @ 147 MPH, was the last run.

The BG 1090 Carburetor worked flawlessly all day, with no other adjustments. The super soak and cleaning, with the new kit, must have done the trick. We still have the two 1″ spacers under the carburetor.

We dropped the shift RPM from 7200, down to 6800 on the first run and kept it there all day. We moved the (correction) starting line RPM from 4000 RPM down to 3800 for run #3 and then moved it back to 4000 for the last run. Our air pressure was kept at 8.5 psi all day. The timing was at 38 degrees. The worse 60′ time was 1.306 on run #1. We had a 1.300 on the 3rd run and the best was the 1.286 on the last run.

We have a very small oil leak on the drain plug for the rear end. That will be fixed this week. That was our only problem. What a blessing!