things go well, I should go out on Sunday to SCR for a few test runs.

Yesterday I was reading in a old book, “How to tune and race Demon Carburetors” featuring Barry Grant carburetors. I purchased the book many years ago when I was running a BG 790 RS that I had modified to flow 1025 CFM. It also covered the larger Dominator style BG carburetors.

The statement that caught my eye was, “Each 1″ spacer adds about 500 RPM to the power curve”. I have two spacers under my carburetor, one open spacer and one four hole “Super Sucker”. Maybe I didn’t need that 4:56 gear. All I needed was to remove one or both spacers to get back into my power band.

I am going to leave the two spacers on for now because the last time the car ran in the high 8’s, I had both spacers on, with the 4:56 gear. We shall see.