Over the weekend I changed carburetors and started up the engine for the first time this year. It ran very well.

I will have to take the car to the track to find out if the hesitation problem has been solved with the BG Carburetor. We will have the Holley in hot standby.

I removed all the small screw-in replaceable emulsion bleeds and idle feed restrictors, along with the power valve plugs and the 4 main jets. A total of 34 screw-in items. After getting all of that out, I put each one of them on a piece of tape in the exact position they came out of the carburetor, and then I cleaned and soaked the metering blocks and the main body with carb. cleaner. The float bowls were also cleaned and soaked overnight with all the other parts. After soaking, I blew them out with Gumout and compressed air. If there is still a problem, I know it will not be from trash or dirt. A new carburetor kit was installed.

I called Barnett Performance in Atlanta. They use to stock all the parts and kits for the BG Carburetors. They only carry Holley replacement parts now. They referred me to somebody out west that has purchased all the replacement parts from BG. Too much trouble, I didn’t even write the number down.

I know from past experience that the Holley kits will fit the BG carburetors that I own. So I put a Holley Dominator kit into it. The thing that you have to be most careful about is using the correct metering block gasket. Pay strict attention to this when you disassemble the carburetor. All the kits come with two sets of metering block gaskets. One for a two-ckt. unit, that has an intermediate idle ckt., and the other one for a carb. with no intermediate idle ckt.. All the other parts are universal.

After starting up the engine, I had to adjust the float levels and the idle speed. As I said, everything seems to be good.

I still want to change out the gear in the rear end from 4.30 back to 4.56. I also want to try Silas’ Quickfuel 1250 carburetor on my engine (before I buy the new Holley 1250). I have a lot of time to play with different combinations.

Since Nitro Jam is not until May 2012. We have to be at our peak for Nitro Jam, and then the next month is the Father’s Day Race. We should still be at the top of our game!

If I hit the lottery, I will get someone’s EFI system (after I get the new engine, transmission and the new Pro-Mod body :>)