The 1320go system has been implemented at No Problem Raceway Park. The system has been in use for almost two years at State Capitol Raceway and I have been using the system for almost two years. I love it! Each track has its own 1320go site. You can follow many tracks around the country and the different special series, such as Nitro Jam and NHRA National events.

Not only can you see live timing, just like sitting in the tower and looking at the timing computer, but you can compile all of your individual runs and print them out. The split times are calculated for you and the temperature information is printed out with the run, including Density Altitude readings.

1320go is like having all your time slips on one piece of paper, or you can look at it as, taking away all that time you spend entering all your time slip data and weather data into your manual log book at the end of the day.

Your runs are stored in the 1320go computer and are always available. The runs of all of the competition is available to members. You can select certain cars and get a warning when they are about to make a pass.

There are a lot of other app’s in the program, some available at extra cost, but for the most part, the regular membership covers all that you need. Some of the extra cost app’s are there to help you improve your drag racing knowledge and to help you improve your driving skills. If you like statistics, as I do, you will love 1320go.