We watched, on TV, the ball drop in Times Square last night. At midnight, we got down on our knees and said a prayer for all our family members, friends and for our country. We thanked God for the blessings that have been bestowed on our family, in the face of the economy, we are really blessed!

We did not have a very consistent racing season last year, but we did not have any destructive problems. Not many years we can say that. The car ran great all year. The head work came out excellent and we are looking forward to a good 2012 season.

I expect to have more eye surgery this year but other than that, nothing will come between a good season except the occasional vacation to recharge our batteries.

Kevin should do 99% of the driving again this year. When he gets his truck ready, his truck will take priority on our racing team. My car will be happy sitting in the workshop (saving racing fuel and parts)!

Barbara is fully eligible to retire, but will continue to work until they upset her, or she feels like staying home. She is perfectly happy with her job. She wants to help Mrs. Barbara Morris (grand-daughter) with her new baby in May and that may have some bearing on how long she works (If I need some new parts, she may have to work a little longer…)!

I plan on doing (that’s, “having done”) several home projects around the house. All in the interest of making it more comfortable in our retirement. That includes putting new tile on the floor in the workshop. I have some real nice looking, but cheap, tile in the restroom of the shop. I may just use that in the area where the car sits. We already have a walking tile border around the car and the work benches.