I already had two ground straps going from the block to the frame. Now my ground terminal block inside the car is connected to the block, instead of the frame. I know some of you out there are saying, that is overkill! You are probably correct, but it gives me peace of mind, and it won’t hurt.

I am ready for this coming weekend at SCR. The first Top Doorslammer races are this weekend! I will not be running in TOP, but I will be in Super Pro.

Can’t wait to see what difference, if any, the new tires make. I would love to see some sub- 1.300 sec. 60′ times. The best lately is, 1.317, with the normal being around 1.335. Some of this is due to the change in rear end ratio from 4.56 to 4.30, coupled with the drop in timing from 42 degrees, down to 38 degrees. At this point all I want is consistency. Nine point zero nine (9.09 sec.) is quick enough in 76 degree weather. As the Summer get hotter, the car WILL slow down.

Maybe I will get a slight increase in performance from the new and improved MSD. I also changed out my distributor cap, which was a MSD Tech recommendation.

While under the car I checked for leaks. The normal transmission leaks from the pan and around the screws that I had had for the past 10 years is no longer there. The new Stef’s Transmission Pan did the trick. No leaks anywhere! I had read an article that said some of the old aluminum, ribbed, deep transmission pans, like I had, were prone to porosity (leakage through the metal). This must have been my problem. Now if I could just stop the two – three drops per week leak from my two valve covers… I have tried the very expensive multi-layer valve cover gaskets (blue) and now I have the cork with the thin layer of metal. Nothing seems to stop the leak. Maybe I have the same problem as I did with the trans. pan.

My home A/C went out last Weds. evening. Lucky for us the weather has been relatively mild. It gave us time to research, talk to three vendors and select one based on product quality, service reputation, and price. I did this just like I would select a new product for the race car! Yesterday, they installed a new central HVAC system. We are ready for the Louisiana Summer!