Their only suggestion was to clean all my grounds and check connections tight. Kevin suggested the same thing, starting back at the batteries and my ground in the trunk. I have a ground terminal strip inside the car, close to the MSD, that is grounded to the frame. All of that will be checked before I turn on the new box.

MSD also said there is nothing that can be done to repair the old Digital 7 Plus. It worked for over 11 years. I got my money’s worth.

During troubleshooting, I checked the connections on my switch panel in the dash. There was a screw missing on the power switch for the Ignition Switch. There was still contact, but it could have been a very high resistance connection, and intermittent sometimes due to vibration. The screw was replaced and a drop of loctite applied to the screw. All other screws on that switch panel were checked for tightness.