I did energize the MSD again and I got more smoke. I have already ordered another unit exactly like the one that burned, MSD Digital 7 Plus. After thinking about it, and considering a MSD 7AL-3, I decided I don’t need the 3-step feature, and the Digital 7 Plus has a higher output, not to mention I don’t have to re-engineer my mounting and wiring. My box should be here Weds. of this week, and I can test next Friday, maybe.

I pulled the plugs again. Same result. The front cylinders are burning excellent and the 4 back cylinders are rich. I changed the back jets from 892, down to 87. My precision Holley jet set only goes down to 891.

On both of my passes this weekend I was spinning, what felt like, the right tire (with a spool, that was probably just my gut feel because the car went straight). I increased the right shock by one click. They are now at 5 left and 7 right. I am also taking the TOYO tires off (about 95 passes) and putting on a new set of M/T slicks that Barbara purchased for me last Father’s Day. She has been bugging me about putting those tires on the car every time I bitch about 60′ times!