¬†Kevin came off the trailer with a 9.12 @ 147 MPH. My first and only pass was a 9.09 @ 147 MPH. We were both very happy with our passes. I was trying to get ready for the 1/8 mile races on Sat. at SCR. My 1/8 mile time was, 5.78 @ 119 MPH. We put the Camaro up for the night and concentrated on¬†Kevin’s truck.

Kevin ran in the Trophy Non-E Class and had a real good night. He got a bye in the 1st round and won rounds two and three, but in the final, he had a red light start to get the runner-up position.

After the first time trial, Kevin reported the truck was a smooth as glass going down the track. He had the tires balanced and that took all the vibration out of the drive train. Congratulations “Outlaw”!