What got me started was a post on Racepics.net forum about trying to get SCR or NPRP to have some index classes.

A friend from Spring, TX contacted me and said his family had several index cars that they would be happy to come over here and run. I’m sure that they could bring some more cars to race with us. I could probably talk a few of the bracket car guys and women into trying it out.

Last night I went out to SCR Friday night races with Kevin “Outlaw” Gray in his truck (I only had my cell phone, so the photos are very bad).

The truck ran very good, engine wise. On the first pass, Outlaw put down a 9.25 @ 138 MPH. This was quicker than his last time out, 9.27, but slower than the 148 MPH he had then. We think he did not have the accelerator all the way down because he was feeling vibration in the drive train.

The S-10 truck experienced aforementioned vibration on the first pass but we could not find the source. After inspecting as much as we could, we decided to make a 2nd pass. We also decided if the vibration came back, we would abort the run.

Outlaw had an excellent burnout and when the lights came down, he took off like he was shot out of a cannon! The 60′ time was, 1.304, compared to the first pass of 1.358. The 330′ time was a big improvement and Outlaw hit all of his shifts right on time, but shortly after the 330, the vibration came back and he got out of it. Had it not been for the vibration, he would have been real close to a 9.0 pass!

There were several suggestions, but the best bet is, the tires need balancing. The rims are new but we are using the old tires. The truck has new Moser 35 spline spool, axles and carrier, but they should not caused a vibration (famous last words). The truck had made one good pass, before twisting off the axle on the 2nd pass, the last time out. That good pass had no vibration.

Kevin and I have agreed to run as a team this year at SCR during the Saturday bracket races. I am going to invite a few more cars to join the team, Silas Rogers & (Jr.), with their Nova, will be invited, along with Reggie Jackson and his dragster.

I enjoyed watching Arnold’s Air HogsAdams RacingThe Coleman Boys , Ezell Racing and Young Blood Racing , along with many other teams, compete last year.

I also have some personal (me driving) races to win this year. I have to run Mr. Van Johnson and Mr. Silas Rogers. These formal challenges have already been issued, in person. Lucky me, I get spotted in both races!