My only problem is finding a class to run in with my car. Normally when promoters set their index classes, I am in the middle of two classes. I run the 1/4 mile around 9.10 to 9.25, depending on the weather (1/8 mile, 5.78 – 5.90). When Index Classes are set up, I have seen (1/8 mile), 10.00, 9.00, 7.00, 6.00 and 5.30 or maybe 5.50 classes. I could make the 6.00 class, but that would be very hard.

If you have never driven in an Index Class, especially in the 1/8 mile, having to shave off 2 tenths to 2.5 tenth is a lot (You would have a very hard time winning anything)!

The races that I competed in did not allow throttle-stops. That makes it much tougher, especially in the 1/4 mile (Super Classes). Just think how hard it would be trying to hit 10.90 or 9.90 without a throttle-stop (or a 7 sec. dragster trying to hit 8.90).

Throttle-stops are not necessary in the 1/8 mile, if you can find an index that you fit real close into the existing classes with just a little tuning.

I don’t have any suggestions for playing with the indexes, because there are a lot of cars that just naturally fall into one of the traditional index classes and it would not be fair to them.

Anyway, if State Capitol or No Problem decides to have some 1/8 mile index racing, I would come and race.

When I ran my old 383 in “Masterpiece”, I ran in the 6.00 index class. I could run all-out at 5.95 in the 1/8th. All it took was a little playing with my shift point or a little retard, to hit the 6.00 dead on the head. I did real good with that car and engine. I could probably do the same thing with this 555 and “Mr Skip”.

March 8, 2011 – Wet Mardi Gras Day! The people in south Louisiana don’t feel the rain (too intoxicated)!

The racers at No Problem Raceway Park and up in Hattisburg, MS probably got rained out today. It does not look good for tomorrow either.