steady helping of sleep, fluids and lots of Vick’s Nyquil has bought me back to almost normal.

I guess getting my behind kicked so bad during Nitro Jam made me sick! I can still hear that little voice saying, “Let Up!”, just before the finish line.

Since the race, all I hear from my friends is; “You let up, didn’t you?”, “Did you let up”?, “Man, if I was you, running a dragster, I would never let up!”, and of course, “I thought you had him, you killed the tree…” I’m glad “Sonny” put the guy that beat me out in the final of Box ET!

I will be at the Bracket Masters Racing Team Swap Meet at State Capitol Raceway on this coming Sunday, March 6, 2011, with everything I can find to sell out of my workshop and storage shed. SCR is having a Test N Tune day this Sunday also.

I made one change since the race, I loosened the left side shock 1/4 turn. If that doesn’t work, it’s easy to go back to the old setting.

I would also like to make a few .400 sec. Pro-Tree hits to see how close I can get to an acceptable RT on the .400 pro-tree. The last time I tried that, I could only get to .068 sec. RT with zero in the box. I have noticed since installing the rebuilt transmission and converter, I have had to add .032 sec. to my box to keep from going red. IF I can get down to some acceptable RT, I may give Super Gas/Super Rod another try.