2-19-11 – We got to the track early and the first thing I checked was the air bottle connections, which were loose. I tighten them and did a soap test with Dawn & water. Everything looked good.

I adjusted the wheelie bars back to the position that they were in last week, filled the fuel cell and charged the battery. Kevin worked on the electrical wiring to the trans-brake button and got that straight (again).

The two run we made were much better than anything on Friday but I could tell it was still pulling a little to the right and I had to “drive” the car to keep it in the groove. We logged a 9.129 and a 9.186, both at 146 MPH. Everyone was happy but me!

2-20-11 – After sleeping and thinking about it all night, I decided to return the front shocks back to the settings that Brandon had put them when the car was scaled in March 2010. Kevin and I did that first thing and in round one we dialed in 9.05 sec..

I had not put any runs into the weather station because all four runs had something wrong.

The track was prepped perfect and the weather was better than it had been since arriving. I had to run the little blue pickup of Double-D Electric. He cut an excellent .026 light to my .102 and I almost caught him at the light but missed by .0245 (MOV). I had a 9.08 @ 148 MPH.

In round two, buy-back, I dialed in 9.08 and ran 9.152 @ 144 MPH, as I lifted and the dragster passed me in the lights. My Nitro Jam was over.

I actually had him covered with a .006 green light and he had a .024 green. Barbara reminded me of that all the way home! The MOV was, .0189. YouTube Video

I am very happy to say, the car drove excellent all day Sunday. Never missed a beat, shifted prefect and drove straight as an arrow! I am well pleased with the car.  PHOTOS.

Nitro Jam Sunday Photos – Feb. 20, 2011

Nitro Jam – Jr. Dragsters

Sunday Nitro Jam Racers – Feb. 20, 2011