Last year was a little better. Maybe because there was fewer cars, but then again the procedure was different last year.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Black History issue of DRM for this month. My photo was there, along with many real black racing heroes. I would not place myself on the same level with the majority of those great racers. I did enjoy the fact that they included me.

The car ran well today. Nothing went wrong. On my first pass I was spinning when I left the line and the car drifted over to the right. I captured it and ran a 9.18 @ 148 MPH. On the second pass, I ran 9.12 @ 146 MPH. On that 2nd pass, I had to shift myself because the air shifter did not work (my fault, the air was off). Maybe I should shift a little higher!?

Photos of Shannun’s new paint job, along with Shannun, Patrick and Brian.