We continued our celebration Saturday in Lake Charles, LA at Steamboat Bill’s Seafood. We ate at Papadeaux’s Seafood in Beaumont, TX on Sunday night and we finished up last night at Don’s Seafood back home in Baton Rouge. We exchanged gifts and cards yesterday. We thank the Lord every day for bringing us together (25 wonderful years). I Love My Wife!

Today I worked on my list for Nitro Jam. I polished the wheels and put Armor-All on the front tires. I put my new numbers for IHRA Box Class, 4X4H on the windows. I also reset my timing down to 38 degrees. I set my front shocks to: Left=1.0 turn from full closed (from 1/4 turn) and the Right=1.5 turns (from 1 turn). The right shock bottom retaining screw at the front had to be re-tapped for a larger bolt. It was stripped out. Good thing I went under there and reset the shock. It could have fallen out. The quicker travel will allow the front of the car to come up a little higher and hopefully, lower the 60′ times.

I also set the carb. float levels. All I have left to do is reset the left wheelie bar to bring it down 1/4″. I must polish the car and wash the truck.

I will do all my test runs at Nitro Jam Test N Tune on Friday. I hope all the changes will be OK. If it just runs consistent I will be happy. The time does not matter.

I don’t expect any awards or stories this year, especially two stories…