Month: February 2011


 Last night I found out that “Sonny” GREGOIRE won the Box ET Class and the runoff between the No-Box and the Box Class. Congratulations to Sonny of Pro-Fab in Baker, LA on his double win at Nitro Jam!
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I had my annual shot for my voice today.

That means I won’t have any volume for a few weeks. Bare with me, you probably won’t be able to hear me over the noise at the track. I finished my list tonight. The car is waxed, the tires are aired up and the batteries are charged. I lowered the wheelie bars to 6″ each. PHOTOS.
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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and Barbara and I finished celebrating 4 Valentine’s Days! We started Friday night with a wonderful dinner at Dursilla Seafood in Baton Rouge.

We continued our celebration Saturday in Lake Charles, LA at Steamboat Bill’s Seafood. We ate at Papadeaux’s Seafood in Beaumont, TX on Sunday night and we finished up last night at Don’s Seafood back home in Baton Rouge. We exchanged gifts and cards yesterday. We thank the Lord every day for bringing us together (25 […]
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Bracket Masters Vice-President, Johnny Tate, had two operations, Feb. 8-9, 2011. He is at home recovering and sounds very good. Please say a prayer for Johnny Tate to continue his recovery.

Johnny says it will be a few weeks before he is able to return to the track. Feb. 14, 2011 (Happy Valentine’s Day)Barbara and I just returned from a one day photography class in Houston, TX. It was put on by Nikon and was very informative. The two professional photographers were great instructors. I hope […]
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