The rest of the day was spent watching football. My Saints are in the playoffs, but only a #5 seed. They play The Seahawks” next Sat.. That should be a victory, but in the NFL, nothing is cast in stone. If they win in Seattle, they must go to Chicago and play the Bears, where they lost four years ago when the did something stupid like kick off the Devin Hester. Hester ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown and the Saints never recovered.

The college bowl season has not been that exciting so far. The mismatches have been boring. The SEC has won most of their games by large margins. Tennessee gave away their game. With 1:46 left, and 1st down with Tenn. leading by three points, I turned away from the game. Much to my surprise, the report on the station I turned too said the game was tied at the end of regulation. I could not believe it!

The rules interpretations at the end of a few games has put the outcome in the hands of the officials. That reminds me, when are the NFL (No Fun League) officials going to start throwing the flag for the “Lambeau Leap”? Some of the other celebrations are not nearly as bad and the teams get un sportsmanlike flags.

My personal feeling is, as long as the team gets lined up and snaps the ball in the normal allotted time, the celebration should be allowed. Either that or no celebration at all (Boring…) Remember Billy “White Shoes” Johnson – Houston Oilers?

Another way of doing it would be to allow the celebration, but the extra point try would be taken from the 20 yard line. No celebration and the ball is placed in the normal position. That would still call for some type of interpretation by officials, and we would be no better off than we are now. Bad idea!

Right now you can say a quick prayer after a touchdown, but you can’t point to the stands or spike the ball (especially with one second left on the clock). You can point to the sky, but you can’t flip, fall or fly into the end zone. Group dancing and Hi-fives are not allowed, except by some officials.

If I’m not mistaken, Alabama (Coach Nick Saban), has his players hand the ball to the official after a touchdown and then they go to the sideline and celebrate. All colleges should adapt some variation of that scenario to avoid flags.

Congratulations to TCU on their season and bowl win! I could not believe the tuition at TCU was $41,000 for a semester! I looked it up on their web site and that’s correct. No wonder our community colleges and state schools have so many students. It must be nice to be able to afford that.

Congratulations to coach Meyer at Florida. Classy way to go out.

Oregon may ware down Auburn with their fast paced rhythm. That should be a good game!