The PRI Trade Show was as exciting as it was the first year I attended. I would highly recommend attending if you are able to go. My Photos from 2010 PRI Trade Show. Cameras are not allowed, unless you ask in advance for a camera pass, which we did.

To obtain permission to attend, you must apply, in advance, for credentials. It’s a trade only, so you must prove you own, manage or represent a racing business or professional race team. Race fans are not admitted. Companies such as engine building companies/machine shops, parts stores, Media/Press organizations (me), NASCAR race teams and circle track race teams are allowed to apply. There are others organizations too. You can go to

The 2011 show is: Dec. 1-3, 2010 in Orlando, FL at the Orlando Convention Center (changed from the 2nd week in Dec.). This is one huge, awesome, gigantic building! It takes at least 2 days to walk the place. The third day is needed if you attend the many seminars that are offered by industry giants from all sorts of businesses.

You can spend hours in “Machinery Row” section. You get to see the real CNC machine in action. There is an outdoor section where several Dyno Cells are set up and operating, testing actual engines.

You can talk to the presidents of companies or that salesperson that you order your parts from all the time. The technicians that give out the tips and help you solve the many problems that we run into after we purchase the part and try to install it are on site and they are willing to talk, sometimes for hours. They can do that because most major organizations that have displays have a lot of people available to answer questions.

I was mostly interested in Holley, Quickfuel, Willis, Braswell and a few smaller carburetor companies, such a Dambest Carbs. I also wanted to talk to some of the engine sleeve companies. My engine has some sleeves so I need to know what type limitations I have because of the sleeves. I talked at length to Dart and World Products. I passed by Sonny Leonard’s monster engine that he had on display. I talked to a few hose and fitting suppliers. I talked to companies that either provided coatings that I could apply, or places where I could send my parts to get them coated. I was given a lot of information about the value of these coating products.

My best conversation was with Mr. Craig McCaughey of Coan Transmissions & Converters. I had just sent my Coan, spragless, converter back for a freshening up, and got it back and installed it right before the show. Craig sat with Barbara and I for almost 30 min. explaining the interior of my converter and how it works.

I want to build another fuel injected engine, but I want this one to be electronic fuel injected (EFI). There were some companies at the show that had some EFI units that I could adapt to my engine or put on a new engine. The new engine, with the new block, new CNC heads and new custom intake, is where I want to go from here. I only need to drive it once, then let Kevin handle it from then on!

The show offers a computer program that shows the layout of the floor and it lets you make up your personal map as to how you are going to attack this huge place. You can fill this out right after you receive your Attendees Credential Package. I had 27 vendors of my personal map and Barbara and I got to visit most of them. In route to some to them, we got sidetracked by other vendors that we learned a lot of good information from.

There are small businesses there that you never heard of with some great products. Many of us are very regional in our buying. Some companies that are not accessible because they don’t advertise in National Dragster or DRM or they are not in the Summit or Jegs catalogs, are on site and they have great products. You get to see some of the latest in safety equipment and safety uniforms, like the pros wear.

There are racecar’s all over the place. They only pick the best to display on the floor of PRI Trade Show.

I will attend again if God allows it. We had a ball. Barbara got carried away by a new 28 ft. trailer. It had everything in it that she is always talking to be about getting. The trailer is her private domain when we are at the track so she wants all the comforts of home!

I came away energized for the 2011 racing season. I expect our two vehicle race team, my car and Kevin’s truck, will be winning some races this year. Right now the concentration is to get Kevin’s truck on the track. The engine is done and installed. He only needs a few supporting items to be ready.