Barbara and I had an excellent time. We took advantage of our last week of vacation for 2010 and stayed at Vacation village at Parkway, in Kissimmee, FL. We also visited my hometown, Daytona Beach, FL for a day.

We took the occasion to spend some time with my sister, Bea Bea. We were given a guided tour of Orlando and the Winter Park/Eatonville area of the city.

We really enjoyed the tour, along with a visit to a “Soul Food” restaurant. If you are ever in the Orlando area, and run out of things to do (How is that possible?), take a side trip to downtown Winter Park, FL. The quaint little shops, sidewalk cafes, parks, cobblestone streets and so much more will be worth the trip.

Oh bye the way, this is the really upscale neighborhood of Orlando. Like Georgetown is to Washington, DC.

Question: Have you ever seen a stand alone Mini Cooper dealership? It is across the interstate from the BMW dealership in Winter Haven. In very close proximity is, Infiniti, Lexus and Land Rover. That Mini Cooper dealership has as many “Mini’s” as the whole state of Louisiana! Hundreds of them, all colors and configurations (models).