¬†Seems like we just completed Nitro Jam. It’s almost time for another one. I have already made up my mind for this coming Nitro Jam. I am going to run in the ET Bracket. I will have a much better chance at winning than in Quick Rod or Super Rod (and I don’t have to dust off my old Throttle Stop that has not been run since 2002. It probably doesn’t work anyway). Last year the car was running 8.93, which gave me a chance at Quick Rod. In fact, my weather station had predicted 8.87 for my qualifying run, but I never got to make that pass so we will never know.

Seems like we worked on every part of the chassis this year from front (rack & Pinion) to the rear (shocks and wheelie bars), then the transmission gave up. We had changed the torque converter earlier in the year too. The engine, thank God, made it through the whole year without a problem.

This has been a very good year. I enjoyed teaching Kevin “Outlaw” Gray all about “electronics” racing. He has come a long way and I have been completely happy with his progress. I expect he will win a few more rounds in the coming year, and get into the money rounds, now that we have the car completely ready to run.

Kevin is getting the final touches on his little truck. The engine sounds great! I can’t wait to see it run. After a few easy shake down runs to get the bugs out and learn how it is going to handle, then he will let it all hang out!

Prayers go out for Moses Bryant, “Motown Shaker” from Shreveport.¬†He destroyed his 7 second Pontiac Firebird race car in Prescott, TX last weekend.

Shaker suffered a concussion, cracked vertebrate and a hand and leg injuries. He spent one night in the hospital but he is home now and doing better. The car was a total loss. The funny car style cage protected the driver from worse injury.

One lesson learned: Try not to race at a track that does not have the new, concrete guard rails, like SCR and NPRP. Our home tracks are completely up to date with safety equipment (I am a living witness!). Prescott was running their last race with the old style guard rails. Shaker went through the rail at the 1/8th mile and ended up in a field next to the track.