I installed the transmission and converter. The only thing left is the drive shaft. I should finish tomorrow and start up and test everything.

I changed the engine oil and installed a new filter with 7 qts. of Mobil-1 5W-30 for the Winter months.

I like Donovan McNab, but I hate the Redskins! Michael Vick really put on a show last night. I wish I had him on my Fantasy team!

Kevin’s engine should be ready this week. Alvin hopes to get it on the engine stand tomorrow (11/17/10). I will go over and help with the crank trigger and carb. adjustments.

I was asked yesterday, what am I going to do for a driver, now that Kevin has his truck almost ready to run? That is easy. I will wait until he is available, or he can drive both cars. That’s not a problem for me. I may do some driving, but it will not be much. I hope to drive in the Nitro Jam in March. I don’t want to miss that.