I have only looked at the car a couple of times and have done nothing. Barbara and I have both been working on different church projects that take our time. There is no rush on the car since the season is over. I sure save money (or have it to spend on other projects) when I don’t go to the track!

I was told that the last race at SCR was run over the 1/8th mile after conditions caused it to be too dangerous at the top end. That was a very good decision by the racers and the track. Personally, I like 1/8th mile racing. It is less ware on our engines, less racing fuel, it takes less time to complete an event and it is less hazardous with the reduced speeds at the top end. The clean-up time is much less when a spill occurs. The track spends less money preparing the track when they only have to do 1/8th mile rather than the whole 1/4th mile. In these bad economic times we should be looking for ways to save money and running 1/8th mile is one good way to save for the racer and the track.

Some of the most exciting racing I have ever done was when I use to compete in the 6.00 Index Class a few years ago. Houston Hawkins and I ran on a circuit that had 1/8th mile index races all over the South. Houston was in the 5.30 Index class.

There is a 600 foot track in Mobile, AL that has some very exciting racing every week (that’s 60 ft. shorter than 1/8 mile). If you think 1/8th mile is quick, try that one weekend. They have a lot of cars and a lot of spectators every week.

The holiday season is upon us. That means, in addition to shopping, we have the end of regular football season. We are still deciding if we want to go see The Bayou Classic this year (Grambling 8-2 vs. Southern 2-8). I don’t think it will be very much of a game, but sometimes in this game the records do not mean anything. On the other hand, the joy of being a part of Bayou Classic pageantry in New Orleans may override the action on the field. Grambling should take this one easily, which would make Barbara very happy.

LSU is looking good, after taking it too Alabama and Nick Saban last week. Barbara and I listened to the game on XM Radio while returning from vacation. We even got to hear the local LSU announcers call the game while driving through Florida, Alabama and Mississippi). The miles just flew by as we enjoyed the game. I was so happy to see Les Miles out coach Nick, it did my heart good! Les has been bashed so much these last few weeks (just like Stump Mitchell – SU coach), even though he is winning (unlike Stump). It is a very long shot for LSU to get to the national championship game with one loss (assuming they can beat Arkansas – not an easy task). I think Auburn and TCU will lose one game but Boise State and Oregon will still be undefeated. If Boise State is given a chance to play for the national title, it should be a good game. If the computers overlook Boise, then LSU may have a chance to get in and if they do, they will win!