The cars should run real good this weekend. State Capitol Raceway will host the last Top Doorslammer race of the year this Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010.

The transmission has been shipped. It was dyno tested before shipping. It has the two new certification stickers. I’ll be good for another 5 years. I flushed all the trans. cooler lines and the new cooler (and back-flushed). I am using all AN fittings on the transmission and the cooler. Don’t want any leaks.

All of this transmission work started when I ordered a new trans. pan to get rid of the leaks from the old pan. Previously I had stopped the leak from the end of the tail shaft (at the U-joint yoke). “One leak at a time!”

The fact that the fwd. clutches were worn out and starting to burn, maybe I can expect to see a little more MPH from the car. I have always been suspect of the fact that when I went from 4.56 gear to 4.30 gear, I did not see any increase in MPH. The change in the weather is going to mask some of the analysis, but the tachometer should help tell the story.