I put the car in the workshop to find the source of my starting problem and to stop a leak. Now I have the transmission out, ready to be sent away, the converter is gone to be freshened up.

I am about to remove the heads. I am also going to send my old cam back to Comp Cams to be reconditioned. This is the cam that the motor had in it when it was on the dyno. It is a little bit stronger than the one in it now.

My grandson, Matthew Holbert, was just accepted at Tuskegee University! He wants to study Biology. There is probably not a better HBCU for him to go and study Biology. The home of Dr. George Washington Carver. Matt lives in Vacaville, CA. Matt was born and raised in California, so he has never been to a “Bayou Classic”, “Florida Classic”, “Tuskegee – Morehouse Classic” or “Tiger Paw Classic”. He will get to enjoy the great bands and fanfare of the great HBCU college experience.